Sputnikfest has the wackiest tackiest contests you could imagine. Thank you to all who participated!

Ms. Space Debris Pageant

Sponsored by Rose Colored Glasses Salon and CAVU Flight Academy

Ms. Space Debris 2018 - Amanda Knox
2nd Place - Brianna Heraly
3rd Place - Dayna Kennedy

Alien Pet Contest

Sponsored by Central Bark Doggy Daycare

1st Place - Stanley
2nd Place - Mr. Furr (Monti)
3rd Place - Lolly

Children's Costume Contest

Sponsored by Badger Sports Park

1st Place - Rachel Lambrecht
2nd Place - Quinn Aulik
3rd Place - Penny Mackey

Trivia Contest 1st place with Dr. Trek

Sci-Fi Trivia

Winning team: Space Force

Adult's Costume Contest

Sponsored by Acute Angle

1st Place - Martin Morante
2nd Place - Brianna Heraly
3rd Place - Ted Rostkowski, Jr.