Ordinance Enforcement - Lawn / Noxious Weeds

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 66.96 and the City of Manitowoc Municipal Code, notice is hereby given that all noxious weeds or grass over 8" tall must be cut or destroyed within five (5) business days of the receipt of a written notice from the Department of Public Infrastructure. If the work is not done, city staff will cut and destroy said weeds and assess the expense against the property cited in the notice.

Weed notices are sent as a result of citizen complaint and department observation of properties not in compliance. Subsequent violations will be cut without notice.

City of Manitowoc Ordinance 13.050.

To report a lawn or weeds in violation of City ordinance, click here.

For information regarding disposal of lawn or yard waste at the Manitowoc County Compost Sites, click here.